Thursday, May 25, 2017


At last, go to wear this belt-like bracelet given by my boy as my birthday pressie.  Love it.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

#Cloud #HDB

The Kill List

If you are interested anything about commandos, cops, mercenaries, spies, dictators, terrorists and assassins entangled in some conspiracy or some covert mission, The Kill List by Frederick Forsyth is for you.

What I enjoyed were the juicy tidbits we do know that they are real stuff. I also get a glimpse on how the terrorist Osama Bin Laden being tracked and assassinated in 2011.

The pathfinders, the specific drone attacks which took some specific bad guys out among many others were a treat, with quite a bit of technical stuff were mentioned.

Not Bad.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Around DECK

Nothing beat a nice and fruity ice cold beer under the hot sun.

This black cat looks pretty fierce.

Book Launch @DECK

Singapore’s Vanished Public Housing Estates is a black-and-white publication by independent photographers, KC Koh and Eugene Ong. The book features over 27 now-vanished early public estates and precincts by the Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT) and Housing Development Board (HDB) along with essays on the history of early housing in Singapore.   For more details : goto
Koh Kim Chay (Standing) & Eugene Ong
Book signing session
Besides the 4 5R analogue silver gelatine prints that come together with the book purchased, I got another 2 5R postcards of the old National Library printed on Canson Montreal Aquarelle Rag textured paper as well. Yay!

I was not hungry. In fact, I'd just taken my late lunch. But how could one resist once you saw such 'adorable' foods? Free of charge some more.😅

FYI, they were from

iPhone App : Slow Shutter Cam

Came across this interesting app while searching for something to enable manual controls of the iPhone camera.  Quite fun. Not only I can take long exposure shots, light trails and multiple exposure shots are possible too.

Multiple exposure with motion of the street lights
Multiple exposure of the street lights and window frame
Single shot with shutter speed of 1 sec
Multiple exposure with shutter speed of 1 sec
I do need a tripod for better shots.